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The Positive Arts Movement has developed proprietary educational programming called STAGES--a ​successful pilot we've delivered to primary, middle, and high school students in the 2016-17 school year.  STAGES is an extension of UNLEASHED--educational programming inspired by our stage productions we've been delivering since 2013.  

This programming fine-tunes the innate artistic ability of students resulting in arts-related, student-led events.  The program also encourages critical thinking as it applies the student's academic and personal encounters.  

STAGES builds over the course of several weeks with a special emphasis on "character building" best suited for grades 3-12 using the arts to reinforce lessons.  During each engagement with the students (we have a minimum of two facilitators), we ensure each visit involves our six "stages" (aka tenets):

1) Developing integrity while demonstrating leadership abilities 
2) Positive self-image and an appreciation for cultural awareness
3) An progressive understanding of the arts, namely literary, performing, and visual
4) Public speaking / 'soft' skills / critical thinking
5) Creating art
6) Documentation & journaling


After a series of engagements, we will produce a showcase featuring the work of program participants complimented by relevant performances from artists within the Positive Arts Movement. 





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