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Speak Life

The Positive Arts Movement has developed proprietary educational programming called Speak Life.  


"Speak Life" is designed to teach middle school aged girls (11-14) applicable skills related to the power of public speaking, poise, body language, etiquette, and persuasion.  The program also encourages critical thinking as it applies the student's academic and personal encounters.  


Project supported by the Positive Arts Movement, Results Central, and CASH Royal Society's little heiress program.


Launch: An info session for girls & parents on 2/2/2019 at 10:30am at Results Central in Decatur GA.  Click the microphone below  to RSVP:



Thursday nights from 6:45pm - 8pm 

After the 12-week series of engagements, we will produce a showcase featuring the work of program participants complimented by relevant performances from artists within the Positive Arts Movement. 

Grand Finale Program - May 11, 2019 followed by a group celebration

Group Outing - May 25, 2019


Overall Goals:
1) Developing integrity while demonstrating leadership abilities 
2) Positive self-image and an appreciation for cultural awareness
3) Public speaking / 'soft' skills / critical thinking
4) Writing & journaling





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