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A Word From Our Executive Director


The Positive Arts Movement is an organization comprised of performing, literary, and recording artists focused on socially responsible investment in communities.  The platform consists of a diverse mix of positive artists who extend their talent to uplift the community, demonstrate the value in positive performing arts, and develop compelling and thought-provoking performances, education, advocacy, and events.  PAM administers a unique educational component comprised of positive and inspirational age-appropriate life lessons, agency representation for positive performing artists, advocacy to bring awareness to societal issues, and fundraising events designed to support channel partners.


As managing partners, we work in three part harmony.  Angela Carswell serves as the director and playwright--managing the logistics of events, development, community partnerships, securing and nurturing talent, and more.  Christopher "Noxx" Williams serves as our Creative Director, responsible for branding, marketing, launching new projects, community engagement, and more.  I work to secure corporate, agency, and other strategic relationships.


The Positive Arts Movement represents 21st century cutting-edge programs focusing on audiences with limited access to the arts.  The Positive Arts Movement, LLC is a private, non-profit organization in the state of Georgia.











Reggie "Love" Cason

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